Stop comparisons !

Sun, Feb 11, 2018

Thought of the day

Like everyone I tend to compare myself with others and find myself feeling less , lousy and even miserable. At times it is necessary to compare oneself to others to progress but it must be done by adjusting for factors like times , place , one’s qualities and one’ s circumstances.

Today I read an article on Elon Musk. It made me think : if I too had gone to America I could have achieved something as big. If I had gone to New York as a youth I’ d be a super rich PE investor. But then I realize this too is my cognitive bias , specifically the availability bias in that news of successful people come more from USA than others and success has many forms other than that of Musk. Then I suffered from the base rate neglect bias. Of all the millions of Nepali people gone to the west only 2 to 3 became near to billionaires. Even among all the billions of people born in the west less than 0.001 % became success icons.

So such futile comparison are worthless. Instead one must resort to the model of destiny. If it is my fate to be a billionaire and I am ready when time comes , nothing can stop me not even the representative bias against a Nepali Sun faced elderly man held by millions.

If I am fated but don’t design my daily routine to adjust what god has in mind for me , it won’t work.

If I’m not fated but have such a great routine, I’ll enjoy every single day of my already rich life until I die in Samadhi through my 40’s, 50’s , 60’s , 70’s , 80’s , 90’s .

Yes life can be long.

So now I stop comparing myself to anyone. All I need and can do is to design a great routine and plan for each day of my life. The rest is really not in my control : there are infinite number of forces above humans with infinite power. So chill!