Random thoughts in lockdown

Sat, May 30, 2020

Thought of the day

today my brain is fully learning mode. So it feels i am full in the brain. indeed I am reading so much.

the deadline of the lockdown is approaching and i wonder what will happen.

when the virus will go away, it will be a world unprecedented.

I am listening to party songs. I had my night life days. the more the crowd the merrier it was. those days of partying will be over i guess, but can it go?

David Quemm, the writer of the Spillover said that the original cause of zoonosis is population and consumption. it has go down.

the world will have to learn. there is no need of billionaires and millionaires because there is no nothing that so much can buy. man’s effort will thus be diverted to other things.

As i gain all this knowledge and make such progress in the spiritual realm, i wonder what is my role in the new world.