My blissful life

Thu, May 26, 2022

Thought of the day

Today I felt much more upbeat than the last few days. Everything just lined up perfectly after a messy transit.

As I was sipping tea yesterday from my window seat looking at the trees, I just recalled that I was living a 5 star resort life. I am so fortunate to have this life of a rich retired man at the peak age of 48, that I fail to understand it many times.

Then I recalled how I was sad that Mega bank ignored my proposal and made a fool of me , wasting my momentum. But now as all these new jobs are coming that are with no strings attached I realize once again that the above failure was good for me. If I had succeeded I would be taking shit from managers can i can’t respect, worrying, working 4 hours a day and most of all having to take responsibility for so little to me.

All that toil I would have needed to make now I am making with less than 5% effort and time.

I guess I am a lucky man.

Why the hell do I need to start a company? I earn more and lose nothing.

However when you are in the heat of action, you forget you are different and that your destination is different. that is why I don’t fuss over things too much ever because I know that even though during the spur of the moment I might not be aware but later I will be aware.

Does this mean that everything bad that happens is good? Good- I can’t say all will be good but I can say it will take you to a place in mind where you will learn the lessons you were supposed to learn and where you will experience the pain and pleasures you were supposed to get. Again these might burn you or purify you.

So for me, my only lack is the unpredictability of work. But then this is the nature of my work. Things have worked out for the last 20 years, why would they stop when even corona’s 3 years could not stop me?

I am happy that my 2 weeks are well packed with good jobs. After that there is no certainty but then this is my choice.

Despite the uncertainty, my luxurious life is certain and bliss is unbreakable. Work is much about the karma of the world. More than me needing them, it is whether the world is ready and has accumulated enough merits to get me work for them.

This shift in thinking has been getting stronger in the last few days.