Don’t blame others

Sun, Feb 25, 2018

Thought of the day

All these years of conditioning that nothing great can be achieved in Nepal is hitting me as an entrepreneur. My business is in its 4th month but still not a single sale occurred, so this conditioning tilts me towards thinking that it is because I am in Nepal.

Yes true if I were in another country things might have been different.

Everyone’s bitching the government. May be for them it is true. Dust on the road, bad road , raids by government , political instability , certainly makes people want to spend less. That is the root of economic problems. But spending too much and living on credit like in the USA , isn’t a way of life Nepali people value as the credit card concept couldn’t succeed too much here .

May be even my analysis is flawed and biased . The truth is Unknown.

Today I can empathise with my clients. Being responsible for a business makes you want to look for scape goats to explain your failure. Easiest thing to do is blame it on the government.

But it is not so easy and myself as an entrepreneur, refuse to put my mind or this blame path.

No the reason my business isn’t succeeding now are:
1. It is a very new concept that has gigantic scope and thus its gestation period is long
2. so far I am just able to reach potential customers when it’s too late to sell at desired price .
3. I have not cultivated the pool of buyers needed.
4. I haven’t finalized the ecosystem needed to reach full scale of my business
5. I am not even ready to get in 1 million dollar investment.