Being an entrepreneur

Fri, Feb 9, 2018

Thought of the day

At times ,I feel like giving up on my impossible dream. I’m trying to make people pay for a service that never existed before. Without the context of avaibility , heuristic kick in and people decide on what others are doing. Mostly it is detrimental: blind men following blind men because others are doing so and they can’t think of a better thing to do.

However I know I could not do something everyone else is doing.

The process of being an entrepreneur is tough whatever you do , better do something you enjoy.

I have not made any money yet in 4 months. I don’t blame leads : as I said earlier no one’s paid for this kind of service yet in Nepal. I may not make money this whole year and I’m losing money consistently on promotion. But the loss is bearable. I could easily have quadrupled the loss if I was not so wise.

Anyways I’ve taken up 2 big deals to close and 1 potential big group.

I am happy I am not 25 , jobless entrepreneur. Today I am 44 years old entrepreneur , established with high net worth and good enough cashflow and many jobs in the pipeline.

This enterprise is my new hobby , passion after having attained Samadhi , fitness target & life achievement targets.

Pain, panic , doubt are part of the process of enjoying being an entrepreneur.