Auto biography

Wed, Jun 21, 2017

Thought of the day

I am always inspired and think I know it all. That’s one of the reasons I read to make myself humble. Lately I am listening to auto biographies. These are better than biographies because the former talks from the vantage point of the hero. Frankly prior, reading auto biographies wasn’t my priority. They seemed slow, undistilled and mundane. So I learned about those heroes through other writers. I guess it was easier to eat processed food than raw food.

But now that I had finished studying these type of books,I had free time and so I gave auto biographies a shot. One after another I am dumbfounded , humbled and even flabbergasted. Each one seems like myself in their minds and life. What a biographer would omit, to the autobiographer it becomes the most important thing.

Reading their stories from their view point, inspires me in a new way: they fill me with awe and I realise that I’m not alone.

A common thread I found in all of them was that they couldn’t stop themselves from joining their life’s mission. It never occurred overnight or even a decade. It was a full life of usually over 50 years. Then in history that sacrifice is summed up in few words:

Andrew carnegi- steel billionaire who have away all his money before dying

Annie Besant- theosophy pioneer and discover of jk krishnamurthi

Henry Ford – man who made the automobile affordable to the average man

Nelson mendala- the African hero who freed his people with forgiveness after 21 years in jail

Then i wonder how will history remember me ?

This is how i want to be remembered :

Manohar man shestha – The founder of new way of living that consists of outer and inner wealth at the same time, accessible to millions of people.