After a nap

Fri, Dec 8, 2017

Thought of the day

I’m seeing the world in a different light lately. Being the founder of my two companies lay as a massive responsibility in my shoulders. After my afternoon nap yesterday i felt already so accomplished i wondered why the hell i wanted to bother even thinking about changing the world and worse having a plan and actually doing something about it. I have enough money and work to spend my life without this idea. Enough to be happy and love gloriously already at 43 till we die. One must know what one needs and doesn’t need . I need peace and freedom. I don’t need to show off and others being jealous of me .

But the problem is that I’ve got 60 plus years to live and doing nothing would be really boring. So i got myself this vision. I don’t need the money it will bring and so I’ll give it away in things no one donated so far.