Prologue to a break

Sun, Jun 19, 2022

Thought of the day

I am feeling unusually slow and peaceful. I feel like doing nothing. May be I am tired but with an increased meat diet, physical tiredness has decreased a lot. I think I am tired of living and its monotony. It is not that I am seeking andrenalin rush. I also don’t want that. I am too lazy to be lazy.

My ambitions have dwindled. I don’t want to be that hot shot consultant for a big bank. I don’t know if I want to puruse being the counselor for the college. May be i just scrap by.

So I am just flowing with the wind of habits. It is good that I have made good or great habits. What else to do?

But this state of mine is nothing to be alarmed with. However it is quite new. I always had ambitions. Yes I still have one crazy ambition: to be buddha after 60, go to America and fulfill my destiny. But in not time 10 years will pass and most likely I will not become recognized as the buddha, it will another delusion I had, then.

Untrue is that many of my maddest ambitions came true:

  • being so rich I can swim everyday
  • becoming a brand
  • getting work while relaxing
  • traveling in the right amount
  • synchronicity