30 years ago & after

Fri, Nov 9, 2018

Thought of the day

About 30 years ago, my father died. He was younger than me now. My mother was my age. My sister was 4.

It just seems to have gone so fast. Now my mother is 74. my sister 34. me 44.

maybe because I saw my father die young, at the same age now I too feel that if it ended today, I’d not have regrets. I just feel I died and I’m forced to live again.

After 30 years I’ll be my mum’s age.

Those years will pass quickly.

But as long as I live I know I was alive everyday. Videoblogs is the best way I know to feel alive everyday.

Will I have the same life as I have till the next 30 years?

Globetrotting even five star isn’t also a great way to live. No.

The problem now is that I don’t know my destiny.

I know I’m not born to be a CEO because I’m too fully bliss. I’m a philosopher. I just wish I would be a philosoper King if there is anything like this. But I know predestined for something like this. What exactly I don’t know.