Young and old at the same time

Thu, Jan 11, 2018

On Life/Success

I feel so young but with a twist. I am old in wisdom but young in energy. I always wanted to be in this phase of life.

At 52,I will carry 6 packs in my abdomen at my current rate of 3hrs daily training. By then ,I would one of the most knowledgeable VC in the world at my current rate of reading 3 hrs daily on this subject. By then, I would be probably be able to go into unconscious sabikalpa Samadhi, at my current rate of 1 hrs meditation of Samadhi. By then, I will be almost a billionaire, at my current rate of daily 30 min visualization. This increases focus of mind and is intention. Then this enables bold, pragmatic and definitive decisions to act . This actions add up. Then a critical mass of all these compiled actions is reached. When this point is reached, we say ,” the rest is history “. After that point fate, the economic system , political scene take over and visions are attained without climbing uphill but carefully sliding downhill.

My ship has set sail in the ocean of grand visions. At times it is scary. But even if I fail to be almost a billionaire upto 50, I will still have a great body , mind , soul and career.