Where to now?

Fri, May 10, 2019

On Life/Success

The problem now is that I have nothing to wish for, to want. I have got everything I want and I live the most luxurious life a man can live. Every day is a holiday at a resort for me, with every hour accounted for in soulful activities. At times, I get to exercise my mind and work for money. I have got some challenges. I have more than enough but not too much. I mean the balance I am living itself is incredible, and infinitely difficult to duplicate.

But then with a mind that is becoming so free and more powerful, how will I put myself to use, for whom?

What to aspire to buy with my new money?

As i was angry with the noise my neighbor made, I thought I wish I would buy their land. May be but I will have to maintain the property and that will increase the noise in my head.

Should i want a more expensive car? May be but I know too well not the play the show-off game. So no thanks in Nepal.

To travel to world. I have already travelled major parts of the world on backpack basis. how hard is it now-a-days? 1% of my wealth will be enough for two of us to travel all major places. But then now, I don’t want to travel because of

my son still at school

my mother still enjoying life in nepal

my wife still has great career ahead of her

If it was just me, I would have just packed my bags, may be. But then the luxury of my current life is incomparable and not even a billionaire can have what I have. I say this as i watch the crow perched on the tree outside my study room. My body tired after 3 hours of workout: running, boxing, kick boxing, gym, cycling, swimming. Now I am waiting for my wife to call to come and pick her up.

my mother downstairs choked on some food and checked her out: she’s fine.

Life can really suck for many but for me it is divine. It is possible because I can see. If I could not see like everyone else, there would be nothing special about my life. No one envies my life, because I have nothing to show-off. Alas bliss, inner power and fitness can be displayed as easily as cars, clothes, titles and money in the bank.

But I seek no followers now. If I can i will have none until I die. Otherwise I will be faced with idiots who just want to check me out.

But for the sake of some genuine souls, I might have to accept some followers. But it will depend. They can follow my writings instead of me. it is not like in the past lives: in this life there is the internet and video is dirt cheap.