When love returned

Mon, Mar 28, 2011

On Life/Success

Some time back I had written an article called “Waiting for love to return”.  I was right and it returned.  I was also right in the strategy I used.  My conclusion thus is that happiness is as much a strategic exercise as business success.

My strategy for happiness used the following components:

1. conscious and programmed reaction to negative experiences thrown at me

2.  management of resentment

3.  structured and harmless venting off of anger, hatred, disappointment

4.  avoidance of elongated confrontation

5.  minimization of interaction with source of negative experience

6.  continued support on basic matters to even  source of negative experience

7.  training of mind to see half full of bottle

8.  replaying of mythical story of a sage who was happy even with a nasty woman because then he was free from attachment towards her and thus could focus on god

9.  Faith in love and understanding of the psychology of motherhood

10.  Cultivating of Higher purpose in terms sexuality

Well using these 10 compoents my strategy to happiness worked.

Give it try.  I guarantee success.