What will be my story?

Mon, Dec 31, 2018

On Life/Success

At times I wonder what would have been different if I had gone to USA like so many of my contemporaries, either to do a Bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree?

From my young age I never had this urge to go to America like all the others. I even didn’t want to do a master’s degree. I was ambition, but is a very different kind of way. It had nothing to do with the world. It was all about some pre-installed concept in my head.

I wanted to reach a star but not one that the world accepted.

In Nepal:

  • to get a government job
  • to go to America
  • to own a business
  • to become a PhD

At that time there was no internet and so the concept of billionaire wasn’t that mainstream. But now after so much investigation into wealth I have concluded that even the stars of the American’s isn’t for me:

  • be filthy rich
  • spend, spend, spend
  • invest, invest, invest
  • do philantrophy

Even the more common dreams like:

  • have unlimited sex, booze, etc
  • travel the world
  • earn 100K a year
  • go to las vegas

Didn’t appeal me.

Unique journey

No instead my objectives in life were so different. At that time I didn’t know why? But now I am 45 and old enough to look back with enough events to back any postulates I have my life, I think I am on to something.

My mission is so big that I am not ready yet to declare myself: is my theory.

I might a lunatic.

I have investigated all the paths of success through micro experiments from trying to be :

Bill Gates by developing a system to give training
Travis Kalanick by starting a company that facilitates buying and selling of companies

James McKinsey by positioning myself as a management consultant
Peter Drucker by writing profusely and gaining experiences through retainers
Tony Robbins by developing ways to transform and motivate people one to one and in groups


But after 20 years I realize I am never going to be like any one of them: neither that rich, that famous, that powerful, that influential. Eventhough I will bet all i have that no one has achieved as much inner peace and wealth as I have by the age of 45. The problem there is no way to measure that inner currency.

Complete inner balance

No now I am coming to believe I might end up like:

Confucius who was ignored during his lifetime
but his writings outlasting him 2000 years plus

Still I think that would be a too sad ending for the story of my life.

No. My story will be different.