What is Success?

Sun, Apr 1, 2018

On Life/Success

We all want success and happiness. This urge is hard-wired in our genes. This is the good news. However we hate the very idea of failure and pain. This distaste again is hard-wired in us. How is this a bad news?

Without a calculated high tolerance for failure , rejection, discomfort, and risk , success can’t be attained. Without sacrifice , there can’t be happiness. This is here that our genetic disposition comes on the way to all the good things life could give us. I have seen and heard of too many failures in life, businesses & careers to stop myself from sharing my findings any longer.

I start swimming towards the end of winter. The cold water reminds me to disregard life’s discomfort. I don’t take it to the extreme though until I get into hypothermia. The idea is to stretch the elastic band and release the pressure before it breaks.

Success isn’t a straight line. It is curvi linear, meaning the same cause can have different effects.

The equation for success and happiness is different for everyone.

My advice to you , is to find out what success means for you really , then design the process to get there. Like any scientific discovery , this also requires one to study what others have done, find patterns in one’s own life and lots of soul searching.