What if ?

Fri, Jun 14, 2019

On Life/Success

At times when i listen to the stories of entrepreneurs in the USA, i ask myself: what if i was born there or at least what if i had migrated there?

Definitely i never would have settled for an ordinary job. I would have been different and I would have met someone or some people, who would have used my talents. I would have become a billionaire I know.

But the purpose of my life was not to accumulate external wealth, instead it was to be a billionaire inside.

if I had gone to the USa like my sisters I would have missed the following:

  • Giving my wife her independence
  • Giving my mother her happiness and joy of community
  • Giving my son the most precious, loving and healthy childhood among his generation
  • Having helped so many clients reach their visions
  • Having achieved samadhi at 45
  • Living the life a multi-millionaire that even the heirs of billionaires can’t enjoy

In a way my staying in nepal was worth it. It is only that the world will not drool at me like they do at a billionaire but then why should i care? That is their loss: to not know my grand life and try to become something they can not be and even if they become it, that will make them miserable.

Still I don’t, may be when I old and no one in nepal needs me, I would go to the USa and show the world who I can be. A 70 year old sensation, may be. I dont know.

There is lots of disadvantage for me to be in Nepal in terms of career. But then what for? I have more money that I need, more recognition than can handle, more influence than I think and more power than I find tasteful.

No really it is one of those cases when I think, what if things were different?

Being in the USa, may be i could have contributed to more of the world, but again i would have taken away from the people who needed me to most and could not do without me.

So however life turned out I must say I have no regret. I just like to revel in some probable situations , at times.