Wasting life away

Wed, May 30, 2018

On Life/Success

As I pass my days lately I’m perplexed by the thought that I wasted my last 15 years after coming back from Singapore. When I went there I felt so nostalgic like a long lost home. I don’t know why this attachment exists to that place in me. I saw so much development since I left. The places I used to hang out are transformed for the better. It made he realize there is so much that can be done in 15 years.

I did what I could. But I could have done more. However there were many karma from my past life I needed to finish. At 42 I completed my main karmic agenda. Now I’m free. At the same time it took me 15 years to find out what to do in terms of mission in this life. So I can’t say fairly I wasted that time.

Still after 15 years I’ll be 60! My God! There is no time to waste. But the advantage of starting so late in life is that I know that no success is more important than my inner peace and routine. Still today if I have to choose great achievements but loss of my peace VS mediocrity but eternal inner peace, I’ll choose the latter.