Visiting an old lady

Sun, Oct 24, 2010

On Life/Success

She is Crossing 100 yrs. She’s seen her husband, brothers’ sisters daughter son-in -law die. I was visiting her today.

there is an utter silence of old age. You just have to tune in but it is tough.

In such a meeting one must bask in the aura of this person.

I was writing this blog and she told me to take nor picture.

I go and meet her every year. This year might be the last time I see her. She was very ill just a few months back.

When I said good bye tears came to my eyes. I have Seen death but this one was different . She is so graceful and dignified despite having a urinl pipe attached and hardly enough lung power to speak.

She radiated positiveness unparalled To even holy temples.

Unable to hear or eat pnpaY he was aware of visitors. She mastired NLP.
She calculated every thing She spoke avoiding certain issues and highlighting’ others.

Tier memory was intact recalling ever ythin g relevant related to the peson
In front.

A month ago my sister few back to us a and I saw her off . My mother cried but I did not cry because I knew she would be there next year.

But this old lady ‘S good bye was different. It meant good bye to life
When I said good bye to her Thist iml I was sayinf
please die in peace
I vill never know you as you are again . YOU vill never be again.
We will may be meet in heaven or next life but sadly we might rot recognize one another. So whafever good faith was vill end here
I can.I do anything for you. So i will get lost now but I hope you will live well for time you have.

I knew nor since ‘was a Child. She is the equivalent of a nun.

Time is amazing and how it changes us.

She is dying in dignity.

I can imagire how it must feel to be so Close to death yet living because of good health. It must take tremendous courage.

In the 21st century we must stop being So Foolish as to live as though won’t die or worse as though we will rot have to hang at the threshold of life and death incapacitated

myself I live with the thought of death and its threshhold every moment. I fur my act ions an incomparable grace .

And so I suggest you visit this lady ‘f you can and if it is too far find a graceful old person in your Entourage and visit.
Materialism and spiritualism have come too far to ignore the things I told in this blog.

We are tre ultimate generation of millionaire, liberated ,enlightened ,patriotici , ideal social entities , happy , urdhvaretas , Supreme achieving at holistic levels , true seers , wise sages, done it all and living to tell the Story… And the list of states we can attain goes on.

Let us march together.