Success: the unexpected one

Sun, Dec 23, 2018

On Life/Success

Life has changed so much for me in the last few months. The climax was my wife’s hysterectomy. We had all dreaded it so much. Now it is in the past tense. It was such an important thing for her, all realized after finding out there was so much complications. Anyways.

As for my career I have accepted I am not going to be become a billionaire by being a ruthless entrepreneur or greedy investor. I am ok with that. I will not own a company, even a small one. the coming decade I will spend as a freelancer like I have been doing the last 15 years. That makes me happiest.

I feel like an eagle, all alone, flying so high. I wished I was a lion with his pride fighting off other males but I am not.

I am not a lion, sorry.

So what am i going to with my life? Certainly I am not going to start any business again. I am going to enjoy my life an a trainer and consultant and a philosopher on social media.

I am a turtle, sorry.

Now I am taking my life slowly. My final doubt regarding to career is cleared. I don’t need to be a billionaire, i don’t enjoy giving away money. I don’t even need to be famous.

I am just going to enjoy my life now, the life that my natural skills, qualities have opened to me.

Success comes in ways we don’t expect.