Strategic planning exercise

Wed, Mar 6, 2019

On Life/Success

Now that i have chosen to live as a freelancer, i have to design my strategy again.

I enjoy most reading , exercising and meditating in my free time. these are inputs to my advanced thinking process. That is currently being used for training and videos. Training is paying but videos are not. But videos are the only and the cheapest marketing tools I know of and the most effective in this age.

my current default strategy is wait for training companies like xyz to call me or direct clients to call me. Definitely all i need to do is increase the probability to get such calls.

Not a big jump.

Other training companies are not contacting me. Should i increase them? I don’t think that is the right direction.

Alternatively, should i be dependent on abc and give them my training ideas? But it would unsolicited. in case of banks should i go directly or through abc?

Not many strategic debacles are there. whatever it is, it is hundred times simpler that the two companies i had made. it was such a great exercise in strategy that i can’t even imagine.

So I will be spending some time, doing strategic analysis on the above questions.

Also I wanted to do some training work outside the country. But I am not getting any leads. my videos always add a small probability but nothing has come out yet.

So what are the strategic questions i am pondering on:

  1. in case of banks should i go directly or through abc? Direct
  2. should i increase collaboration with training companies? no
  3. should i enter the development sector? why not?
  4. how about the government sector? why not?
  5. should i try again to apply to training companies outside nepal? wait
  6. I am sure i won’t be doing retainers anymore? yes
  7. should i market a CRM product like the rupokot travels more extensively? wait till i complete
  8. how about feasibility studies like Uttarganga? wait till I complete
  9. Should i follow up existing clients like Sunrise bank? yes
  10. should i continue my double position of management consultant and trainer? yes