Secret to be a billionaire

Sun, Oct 1, 2017

On Life/Success

How to be a billionaire inside and outside ? This is the answer i want to give to the world , call it my legacy. History will remember me for this teaching. Unlike existing billionaires i want to know how i became a billionaire. They are a quacks when it comes to teaching others how to reach where they have reached. They reached the top due to various reasons. I want to be a living proof of my theory of billionaireship but not only money wise in terms to inner bliss which can be now measured by hrv and aura video. More of that in later blogs will come .

My theory is that anyone can become my kind of billionaire if the following factors exists:
1. He must have a desire to become a billionaire born of the highest mental plane. This means he can’t just want to be a billionaire for the things he van buy. Those things can be bought at 1% of a billion. Becoming a billionaire is a responsibility to fulfill some purposes of higher forces that governments or even non-governments can fulfill. Some lose the way once they reach the top and get into an ego trip bit it’s just unfortunate.
2. He must have qualities needed for success in any field like focus, education, discipline, patience, people skill, leadership etc. You got it. It’s the whole plethora but it’s not enough to be a billionaire.
3. He must have a routine designed to suit the lifestyle of someone who’s climbing the steepest peak of all careers. He may have all the gears ready like in my case I’ve started my 2 companies after a 1 year of preparation.
4. Since there is no guarantee when his lucky break will come he must follow that routine even when nothing comes out of it. At times it feels the day will never come but then he thinks how else will be spend the days ? Booze, excess and regrets? No thank you . I will stick to waking up at 4 am and aching muscles of body, mind and soul everyday.
5. He must be willing to die trying. In can occur that he will get no where near the top but he will be ok and accept tod life time wasnt his turn.
6. On the way many old karma will demand to be completed and until the final day comes he must not complain and must play along but not be bound.
7. Final day comes to some whose time to be a billionaire is in the same lifetime as that the desire sprouted. That day hasn’t come to be yet so i can’t tell you how it feels but i can guess based on various biographies i read , it will be a strong enough blast for me to recognise that from that day onwards it will be ” the rest is history “.

So this is my theory . I’m testing it. Now I’m a no body. But in ten years I’ll be somebody enough that you’re reading this blog ten years later and inspired to follow my path of billionaireship.