Sun, Aug 12, 2018

On Life/Success

If you are reading this then I’m writing on my blog after two months or more. I was busy with my videos on fb and linkedin.

But today i really needed to write as what i write here the world at large need not know and can’t understand.

People think I am just smart but all those years of pain & sacrifice made me what I am.

But today I am feeling scared.

I’ve become an entrepreneur and after 2 years I finally have a successful business model. However it hasn’t made any money yet. Every other models have failed & I’ve dropped on.

Now there only 1 thing to do and may be that is why I’m scared . The play time is over.

This business will take max 3 hrs per day including traveling time .

The rest of the 3hrs I realized like a revelation that I must spend on key note speaking & promoting this new career of mine.

my days as trainer & consultant are over & now I ‘ ve become a speaker. I didn’t think that it is there I was being lead but now it is obvious.

I didn’t know how to speak without cue from the audience , now I can.

For the last 15 years my style was for me to learn & absorb. I’m full now & my style is to preach or inspire.