Tue, Mar 13, 2018

On Life/Success

I feel so new, like a young man just out of college ready to take on the world. In front of me lie great challenges. Unlimited opportunities also lay there. In the age of internet , it is pretty much a plain field. It doesn’t matter where my body is, to grab opportunities one just needs to have the will. Of course this will is affected by the place one is in.

My final settlement on my career directions are:
1.Continue my past occupation
2.Continue build my 2 businesses
3.Start getting training jobs in Singapore

I’ve added the last one because:
1. After going on holiday back to Singapore , I realized there was lots of things for me to do there
2. I needed to increase chances to meet my 10million rupees in personal earning this year 2018 onwards.
3. My energy wasn’t still enough utilized.