Preface to BEL Living!

Sun, Apr 1, 2018

On Life/Success

Hello there. My name is Manohar Man Shrestha. But you can call me Coach Mano. This is my first video post on the series BEL Living. This stands for Balanced Enlightened Liberated Living. I have been thinking very hard to summarise my life , my decisions , my teachings , what I stand for , how I arrived to this point in my life and where I want to go until I take my last breath. BEL Living was the most appropriate answer.

I will be publishing daily both the text version & video version. My objective is to eventually compile all these into an e-book and audio-book. I love writing. I have published over 300 articles on national dailies. Writing a book that catches my unique view of life should have been easy but I’ve got a different kind of muse, something that inspires a writer. My muse is my audience. So the best way for me to write a book would be to do it a live kind of way like this.

I love to lead, speak with purpose. I have lead over 10,000 meetings, workshops, trainings and counseling sessions professionally. I don’t enter any meetings with canned content.

I listen to the participants and design then deliver the most appropriate content there and then. They all walk away with a recurring shared feeling of energy, confidence , liberation , enlightenment , balance .

At 44, after 20 years of management consulting , training , writing and entrepreneurship, I wanted to share my BEL Living to the world in the way I know best – through writing and leading, speaking being its main tool.