New turn in life

Sun, Jun 30, 2019

On Life/Success

I am faced with a new turn in my life.

Even I continue doing nothing I will get at least 1 lakh rupees of paid work per month in average. But somehow i have the call to do more. may 2 lakh or 3 lakh. in my ambitious days i envisioned 10 lakh but that would destroy me.

I could earn much more than 10 lakh if and when i could publish my work but till then i depend on training and using the computer.

i found out the missing part in my work routine but I am so reluctant to execute the solution as it will make me active.

But again how long shall i continue living like this? Retired, happy and without worries. I have everything. I know everything. Why the hell should i want more. The most expensive thing would be a world tour with my family and I have money for that too without making a dent in my lifestyle.

I had to think seriously in whether to spend Rs.300 to swim. I realized it was not worth the money and found something more enjoyable to do at zero cost. God I am such a person who has found that spending money is spending your happiness, why do i need more money?

Yet i am just 45, what else will i do with my life, other than earn lots of money? I realize that i will not spend it and i will keep it for investing. My son will use that money to invest when he grows up. as for me, investing is not my interest as it takes away my peace. I am better things to do.

So yes I have to embark in this journey.