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Sun, May 1, 2022

On Life/Success

I had cortisol filled evening yesterday after my son said that people humilated me because i behaved childishly. This was the last straw in a series of humiliation from a series of people for being friendly, opening debate and building a positive environment. They became so confident out of my own expense that now they think they can insult me. I made them: i know because I had engineered the interactions like I do my trainings. But they thought I was weak, stupid and boneless. In one way I must say that I succeeded in my mission. I always worked myself out of my job: that is the best boss and consultant.

But after my son believed in their delusional accusations, I realized i had to retaliate. I just know too much to be stupid.

Retaliation is just changing my behavior from funny to serious. Heavens’ sake, I am designer of behaviors. I can make myself into any quality.

So being serious.

  • doesn’t make comments
  • speaks sparingly
  • has a serious tone
  • stays aloof
  • does all the basic courtesies
  • doesn’t joke
  • avoids confrontation
  • doesn’t debate
  • has multiple faces not to offend anyone
  • doesn’t show any emotions

Let s see if they like my new avatar.