My unique world

Wed, Dec 26, 2018

On Life/Success

How is my world different than anyone else’s?

I like to live alone but not like a hermit. I still need to have my close family around me.

I need lots of physical space but not so much I am overwhelmed. It must be enough for me to be able to sit in various positions, have different moods and so various activities.

I don’t like to read newspapers and would like to miss out as much current news as much as possible. But i still enjoy some news that keep me grounded.

Professionally, I operate in two modes only.

  1. Fully Present
  2. Fully Absent

This means that work for me is a fully submersible experience with all my senses. T hen when I am not working I want to be totally detached in all senses. No sense of belonging at all in this mode. But when I am working, it doesn’t matter if i am paid a lot or not, I totally belong to the moment.