My motivation to be a billionaire

Mon, Oct 9, 2017

On Life/Success

I want to become the richest man on earth only by the age of 80 because there are many more important things in life than money. At 43 I’ve come up with the idea that will enable me to fulfill that destiny of mine. Its such a simple idea i wonder at times why no one did it yet. Anyways I’m on the way to great wealth and the power that comes with it.

At this point in time i might sound delusional but as the whole idea of this blog I’m writing fit any future historians who would like to study my like from my point of view if in case my prophecy comes true.

Few days back i felt dead. Few minor illusions troubled me like an irritating fly that can’t cause damage to you but disturbs badly. Because it was am illusion it disappeared after a few days opening up a magical sensation of immense happiness and power. I feel I’m the richest man on earth inside and no one can beat what i have inside of me now. This i know is am an illusion though.

As a millionaire i live a life that even a billionaire’s son can’t have in terms of peace and fulfilment.

However my millions can’t give me the few things billions can. It’s another thing i don’t desire them now but i plan to have these one day by the time i die at least by age 80.

These few things i mean the freedom to change my life at will. For example say i want to downs a year with my current lifestyle in new York now , i can’t. My list isn’t endless but i wish to live a year in my current luxurious standard in Switzerland and go skiing every day for an hour, Australia and surf an hour a day, bali and water ski an hour day, paris and other major cities and city trek a few hours a day, Africa and go wild life safari few hours a day , the Mediterranean Sea and go sailing a few hours a day , go on all the longest cruises and watch the sea . The list could go on. Will i be able to do these things before dying in this life ? I don’t know. But at least i now have desires that need me to be a billionaire.

I want to organise events around the world where i will have face to face private conversations with people like bill gates of he’ll still be alive; Warren buffet surely won’t be around by that time , sadly; and many other great men whom i not publicly known.

Yes now I’m really set to become a billionaire.