My lost decade

Wed, Aug 29, 2018

On Life/Success

A few times or more in my desperate mood i thought i will need to migrate to the USA to get work. But i realise it is not my needing migration but my attitude.

I wrongly believed people will remember me when they needed training but they didn’t because i never reminded them.

Now it will be part of my quarterly routine to call up all at least once a quarter.

It was in 2008 i was about to do what I’m doing now but then opportunities came. Those few years made me enough money to build a house , buy cars and save enough to have to tension. But they destroyed at least almost my future and thank god i quit on time.

Now i must rebuild my brand as a trainer and expert in management.

I still haven’t got work but i know I’m on the right track.

I’m not asking much just 2 hours of training or consulting work but no more retainers. That made me lazy and I’d fall again.

I have no regret and don’t want to blame anyone.