My billion dollar proposal

Thu, Jan 4, 2018

On Life/Success

I feel like the mad scientist who thinks his theory is true and will do anything to prove it through an expensive experiment.

My hypothesis is that :
By creating a new asset class we could name “plug and own” where the masses could buy and sell small and medium size business easily and quickly, millions of people will become millionaires. Money will change hands not only through transaction of goods and services but ownership of companies and not just shares.

This asset class would distribute wealth automatically, innovation would occur at higher rates.

This was not done before in massive scale because no one thought that people s desire to own and exit was akin to fashion or even reading.

Given the proper product and services m and a or ” plug and own ” could be a major disruption in the entire economy as it would heat all and any sectors.

All i need to conduct this experiment is 1 billion dollar.

I appeal any billionaire reading this post to invest in my company that amount for 49% share into the experiment that could change the history of finance, economics and life in general.