Looking into the eyes of uncertainty

Wed, May 30, 2018

On Life/Success

Here i am at a standstill of life.  I love this view: it’s a cliff; in front of me i see nothing; it is a thick dark cloud.  it could be a bottomless pit or it a field of crops.  i can jump left , right, or just front.  it can be a far jump or a near jump.  Whichever way i jump i will find a soft landing i know because of my skills.

Am i vague enough to interest you and not enough to confuse you?

Most people are scared of this view and they run away from this place all their lives into their jobs, businesses or careers.  Eventually when they retire, or business diminishes they find themselves in this postion and they are paralyzed.  Some make it out but they swear never to come back there. 

However it is a fresh place , the place where it all begins.  there one get rejuvenareted.  it is like being dead. 

What name shall i give this place? 

the Zone of nothingness…

People wait until they are old to go there.  i think it is a mistake.  In this zone of nothingness, one finds the peace that is rare and found upon death.  To the novice, this peace is a living hell, like being boiled in the oil of uncertainty.

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