Laugh your problems away

Thu, Jun 4, 2009

On Life/Success

Do you feel so angry, so irritated, so stressed, so bored, so afraid at times?

1. First acknowledge the feeling.  Don’t deny it.  You are not the dalai lama, remember.

2.  Ask yourself why you should so special that life should not throw at you some of its shit!

3.  Actually enjoy the feeling because it is afterall an experience, eventhough bad.

4.  Write the mental talk associated with that feeling.

5.  Find the root cause or the ending milestone of that feeling.  How do you know you have reached it?  The feeling will submerge and then the moment of sudden shift in bad feeling to a euphoric feeling with arise. 

YES, now you will be able to laugh your problems away. 

Follow this formula next time you feel the negative feelings we talked at the begining.

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