It is happening slowly

Tue, Sep 15, 2020

On Life/Success

It has been a day like all the past days since the last 8 months. But not a single day have I been bored. Yes I missed the old days sometimes. Every negative emotions healed themselves over time. Now I am I in a stage where all the negative emotions are gone. I still remember a time in the crisis, when I felt like dying because I could not find a purpose of life without paid work. In the end money is not everything. They were right that only work that pays is not the purpose of life. I have work now. But it doesn’t pay.

I had a dream today indicating that I should be getting be ready because it is ready. What? I don’t know. But it seems the 7th nov prophecy has something cooking. If that date is to hold, things should start happening now.

So far it has been happening:

  1. An old client called to ask me to take a class, but didn’t call back, but it is good, on the 7th September
  2. The old college I worked in called to start my program virtually
  3. Someone in linkedin messaged me to come on his show, although very small

But things are happening it seems.

In what will all this culminate to?