Is being cheated bad?

Fri, Apr 13, 2018

On Life/Success

When someone cheats us, we think it is bad. When the sky is dark and gloomy, we think it is a bad omen. When we had a bad night, we think it is a bad forecast.

But how true are those conjecture or quick conclusions?

Imagine some scientists conducted experiments like this:
Someone who just has been cheated, reports the case to the lab. Then the scientists would put his life thereafter on observation for the next 10 years to study events that this person would consider good or bad and at the same time linked to the original event of being cheated.

Although impractical such experiment I am sure will validate my hypothesis that in the long run , having been cheated will have a positive effect.

Just recently I got swindled but I’m just elated. Hadn’t this guy quickly cheated me , he could have caused further more damage to my business. So , once again being cheated was good.

Then there is the tremendous learning derived by hindsight like :How to recognize such threat before they occur ?

In the end, I reiterate BEL (Balanced Enlightened Liberated) Living. After mastering this style, you too will be able to see any life events clearly : where it is coming from , what is its implication, how to overcome any immediate challenges , how to transform negative outcomes to positive. Such intellectual skills are primordial to be rich and happy.