In transit again

Fri, May 10, 2019

On Life/Success

Having attained Samadhi, i feel my mind is so free and so eager to do something. I am working towards building my new career. Lets see. There is no rush.

  • daily video uploads
  • weekly book review email blast
  • daily 1 email marketing to training companies in USA

I have got my marketing and branding covered.

  • Strategic planning work with Uttarganga
  • ERP design with Rupakot

I am doing these almost for free with high chances of not getting any money. But I see that this is the direction i must go.

So I am doing lots of work to build my career.

After my escapade with the entrepreneurship exercise, I know for now that i will not be a CEO or even a chairman. the 3 conditions I was born with will be followed:

  • no ownership
  • no title
  • no seat

yes such is my life for my mind.

till a few days ago I was busy making my samadhi state work and stabilize. Now that this stage is achieved, I am totally free in the mind.

Still there are few things I need to understand, and I am reading.

I know my life and when time will come the work will come.