How to be rich and happy at the same time ?

Sun, Apr 1, 2018

On Life/Success

Is it possible to be rich, happy , free , busy at the same time ? I mean imagine such a life : He works as many or few hours a week as he desires a week. Everyday he feels he’ s living a heavenly life since he’s able to do everything he wants when he wants. His family life is balanced. No haywire finances, everything he does can be paid upfront. Despite the sense of stability he’s got a mission in life to keep him busy.

He is no fool and is prepared financially when and if rainy days come. Yes. This person is set for life: retired and mission-driven at the same time.

This life could be yours too! At least this is how’d I describe my life, the BEL Living (Balanced Enlightened Liberated). I believe everyone is entitled to BEL Living.

Unfortunately , most people live lives that are out-of-balanced , highly biased intellectually one way or the other and trapped in one vice or the other. This kind of extremism in lifestyle is the outcome of wrong messages to us and our inability to filter them out. Our current way of living is based on the conventional concept of success rooted in consumerism and capitalism. Don’t get me wrong – I am not a proponent of minimalism or socialism. In fact I am saying , we need a balance between everything because they’re all right but like Newton’s laws don’t hold after speed of light is reached, no -ism hold water eternally.

No , now we need an enlightened view devoid of as many cognitive biases and irrational emotions as possible. We need to liberate ourselves from habits that tie us down to things we want to be free from. If we manage to apply the steps to BEL Living , the contradictions , I mentioned at the beginning can exist in equilibrium.