Good to fail

Fri, Nov 23, 2018

On Life/Success

Just two months ago i was in a frenzy to become the next Uber and AirBnb. Then I bought a book on these very two to get me inspired and guide me. Instead i realized I had to stop my madness: it was never going to happen to me. I was not willing to make the kind of sacrifices they made to realize their idea. Finally after 2 years of trying to be an entepreneur, i have come to accept I am not one.

About six months ago i was so desperate to succeed at this idea I wanted to die. Nothing mattered. I conducted all the experiments needed. But when it was time to scale up, i just didnt have what it takes: willingness to lose my inner peace for an idea that could make me a billionaire.

Then like always in my life, a new chapter started and i am on top of it now. I am a management consultant/trainer. That is making me happy.

But after all these adventures in my career I have immense peace that was lacking with my ambitions. Before there was always something that was nagging me in the sense i had not done something important, crucial. It was to start a company that will possibly make me a king. I did it. I failed and I am happy.

I am not born to be an entrepreneur, sorry.

However, I am born to be a consultant/coach.

One day I know i will find my two CEO’s who will turn my ideas into the billion dollar status. I will be the chairman but not the CEO. I don’t need to own 50% or even 10%. I just need 2%. I am not going to waste my life in the pursuit of numbers.

I feel both sad and liberated now.