Gigantic vision by a tiny ant

Mon, Feb 26, 2018

On Life/Success

I’m walking with this crazy idea of M& A at Micro retail level in Nepal on which I plan to build my PE & vc business.

It is crazy but not hard as writing algorithm for google or code for Windows or manufacturing cars. No body has done what I did because the concept requires abstract thinking of a unique kind like mine. The question is there not any body who can think like me?

I crossed 160 rejections. I’m still working on improving my product and attracting the people that really need me.

How many rejections are still needed I wonder. But I got used to them and don’t bother anymore. My last failure of an ad made me feel really upset for a day but I learnt a lot.

Micheal Faraday reached 1000 failures , KFC ‘s Colonel sanders 100 rejections . I just hope I won’t be breaking Faraday’s record.

But my first sale will make me rich and put me on the right path.

My business model is getting clearer day by day. I’m building an entire new industry out of scratch like Vishwamtra made heaven. I own everything in that industry : I truly will be the king of kings.

I’m thinking of the ecosystem needed to support my vision:
1.BSP & MMS as Lead Consultants
3.valuators sector wise
6.Proposal writers
9.functional experts
10.management consultants

Bsp & mms itself will constitute of the following departments :
6.Expert outsource Mobilization ( valuators, CA , lawyers , CEO, management consultants)
7.MIS & ERP (BSP & MMS+ equity held companies )
8.Accounts(BSP & MMS+ equity held companies )
9.Finance(BSP & MMS+ equity held companies )
10.Buyer Relations (micro retail + retail)
11.seller Relations (micro retail + retail)
12.Bank / Finance /cooperative Relations
Institutional Relations ( mini + medium + mega )
13.Government Relations ( Nepal + other countries )
14.International PE / vc / hedge funds Relations
15.Economic analysis & forecasting
16.CEO Academy
17.Executive Coach Academy
19.Talent sourcing ( National + 20.International)
22.Franchise management

I envisioned a huge building to house all these departments. I wonder which way to go:
1.under 50 Team by warren Buffet & other investors
2.10,000 + like Investment banks JP Morgan

I guess only time will tell .