From the land of the clouds

Sat, Oct 13, 2018

On Life/Success

Two years ago I started my journey to start my own business. I imagined great wealth and power. But I got of these because I couldn’t give up certain parts of my life. However I got the inner peace and enlightenment of entrepreneurship. I had stopped needing money when I even started at 42. Power was worthless to me. So I just say that my two years were really well spent.

My vision is very clear as I can now see the three huge mountains none has ever seen. At the stage I’m in I can’t climb them on my own. But I’m not willing to ask others to finance me in making history yet.

1. Bizlion :true free will to exit and enter businesses
2. Lbc coaching:training is cool and effective
3. Mms:daily inspiration every day counts

Even my own brand I can’t grow it further.

I don’t know what this year hold and frankly I’m not going to wish for unlimited money and power as I’ve realized these are not what I want.