From the Diary of an entrepreneur

Sat, May 5, 2018

On Life/Success

At times in wonder if I’ve failed in my venture. To me that would be totally ok. When the statistics said 90 percent of all businesses fail within the 5 th year , i didn’t understand. Today as an enterpreneur i understand. If i drop my idea I’ll have failed in the 1 St year itself without a single sale.

But i am happy that i found an idea way ahead of its time. As a result i have got the luxury of time to even procrastinate like I’m doing now.

I’ve got the business model figured out after 7 months of experimentation. It has to be big, super big. There seems to no small version of this idea.

I don’t want to be a traditional entrepreneur, i want to do it the American silicon valley way. It is now that my lack of network is obvious to me. But i know how to bypass it. I’m just not sure when to start the next phase of my idea.

I really faced the lowest of my life financially even though it was artificial : i just didn’t open the door to my cabinets. I wanted to feel the pain of being an entrepreneur. The tough financial choices he has to make like invest the meagre sum left or buy stuff for home ! It seems so painful as it happens but later on it will be fun i guess.

My idea is about to crystallise. May be two more months is left. After that I’ll begin the next phase of getting investors in and orchestrating the rise if the mega mammoth.