Flash into a new future

Sun, Apr 1, 2018

On Life/Success

So many things happened since my last blog. My business ideas both got validated. I got advance for 2 multi million companies to sell. Then I got appointed as part time CEO of a sick fashion outlet.

Also I started my online promotion to get speaking jobs that will take me around the world about once a month.

Now I’ve got to make few major decisions. I can’t run either of my two companies and hardly my own Coach Mano brand. I love freedom too much to be bound by day to day running of my company. So I must sell out 49% share to some one or a company. I price the value of my vision & leadership at 1 billion rupees. So the vc will have to put paid up capital of 1 billion and I will own half of it.

Coach Mano will be a trademark of MMS consulting & training.

6 months of painstaking enterprise has opened a totally new industry.

Where should I apply for VC? Nepal , India , Singapore , USA?

I just want to continue my current lifestyle all over the world in at least 4 star living. I want to remain free but with immense power over the course of history.