Financial strategy for happiness

Tue, May 14, 2019

On Life/Success

A few days ago a new tenant neighbor in our colony came and they started the puncture the pristine silence of the place. Then i thought I wanted to work hard again to earn enough money to buy that house.

I recalled my 30s. I worked so hard. I did many productive works, smooth talked myself into deals, made myself indispensable, took on projects much bigger than i could handle, but it all worked out and I made a fortune within a decade. you can say my real earning career was not more than 10 years. I could have continued or started earlier but I never had big enough desires to motivate me to repeat the above process earlier or later.

But they are disadvantages of not having too much money. among them, i thought I couldn’t buy my neighbors out.

But then I talked to the owner and he simply said, “you can complain to them directly”, basically it felt to me he said, “treat it as your own house and tenants”.

Wow, pristine silence came back, and i felt so empowered.

Again I save 10 million rupees. I didn’t have to screw myself trying to add value to some business i didn’t like, to earn 10 million.

Besides I didn’t have to worry about maintaining, renting, owning two houses. So not only money but pain and time were saved.

so you see my life is just so amazing I don’t even know how it happens this way, though after attaining samadhi i just see the full picture at a glance.

Even this computer I am writing on, I was about ditch because it was slow. I could. I would spend 100 thousands on a computer that will faster. But then i thought, if i don’t understand how this computer got slow the new one will also have this fate.

So if I was a rich man, I would keep throwing things without ever trying to understand why they under-performed. that defeats my investigative nature. It only contributes to the economy.

so I changed my working routine to use the computer less in order to run antivirus or spyware. It took 2 full days. Finally I spent 1000 rupees to get the computer cleaned.

Voila the problem of slowness is gone and it feels like new.

So I saved 1 lakh rupees or i didnt’ have to work an extra week that would take my peace and flow away.