Exploitation and success

Fri, May 22, 2009

On Life/Success

No body wants to be exploited, talent wise (not physically).  Yet at the beginning you have to allow yourself to be exploited, otherwise you can never find your talent.  However, at one point you must wake up and refuse to be exploited. 

Name most successful people, they passed through this law of success. 

Recently i myself had to get out of a such an exploitation of talent situation.  I had allowed to be worked for free in order to develop my talent.  I let it be for a long long time.  Until i was not confident 99% about the mastery level of my talent.  Then soon i felt it was 99.99%.  So i started to brew discontent in this exploitative relationship with my publisher.  Finally when it reached 100% i said, i will not stay in this exploitative relationship. 

I threw the ball in my publisher’s court.  my stance is: treat me fairly, stop exploiting me or i quit.  LEt’s see what they offer. 

Life is tough.  If you don’t have the inner voice to guide you, you are at the mercy of people in the external world.  Most are not good people; not that they are bad, but they dont’ have the time or capacity to  think for your good. So you have to decide yourself what is best for yourself.

Life is amazing that your success depends on these bunchful of decisions you take.  Many never recognize these decision moments. 

When you are on the path of total success, you have to be cheated, stamped on, ignored, rebuked, rejected, and anything you can think of that is symbolic to discouraging action. 

At the beginning you must take it smiling, and then never complain.  Then you reach a point where tolerance means killing your talent.  But by then you must have developed your talent to 99%. 

So i’ll update you on what transpired with my exploitive pubisher in my upcoming blog.  However, you keep your head in the correct framework of success.  Remember the law of exploitation and success.

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