Thu, Feb 15, 2018

On Life/Success

I’m in the midst of another consulting exit. I wonder why I don’t exit with honor , tears , ovation . Instead I have to exit is secrecy , stealth and indifference. Mainly as a consultant I’d have made everything running so smooth & all so empowered in their positions that I always work myself out of my own job. As a result the owners don’t see my work , yet they can’t deny it out of fear or respect. So they can’t tell me to go but they will delay my payment.

In the last 10 years , this occurred dozen of times.

Exits are hard for me as I miss the life there but when my time is up in a company I know and I go. I’m not attached.

All this work is training me into being a chairman of my VC/PE firm. To be the true King of kings.

But exits are always hard. At times I wish I was different, that I could be a owner of a conventional business. But that’ is not my destiny.

I exit with honor, tears & ovation of my gods in the zero state. The people don’t understand it, it doesn’t matter now.

After this current exit involving 5 big to small SBU’s, I’ll be free to focus full time in developing my business which after 4 months of strategy trial and error, has matured into a sustainable business model.

Not having regular income has trained me to be a untiring entrepreneur.

Life is tough ahead but I’d be as good as dead were I a CEO. The politics needed to save one’s position and the need to be in one place would kill me.

No I have to follow my path .