Entrepreneur i am

Tue, Dec 26, 2017

On Life/Success

I coached about 30 entrepreneurs and ceos. I was part of their ordeals. I filled the gaps in their visions. I was the best at seeing and filling gaps in execution no one saw. At that time i had no vision.

Today I’m an entrepreneur and ceo with a disruptive idea and a vision of a totally new way of life. I couldn’t dream of something smaller. But my vision is do gigantic at times I’m scared. But being a coach myself gives me advantage that others world never have. It is like I know the future and the the reason and objectives of the pains and problems i face. It is as if I’m writing my own story. There isn’t a good story of there aren’t falls , failures, doubts. More over with my vast knowledge of organisations i just know what phase I’m in , what to do. It’s fun to be scared and be broke. Today i finished all my money i feel. I need money to invest in my company but don’t have it now. I’m not getting a new job to finance that right now also but it’s in the pipeline.

Being an entrepreneur at 43 is fun and safer as well as wiser. But i feel 23 just out of college.

At times i wish i had a partner but i know it is impossible as I’m too independent. These two companies will have to do with a single founder.

I’m just wondering when will be the time to bring in vc.

I want to be the first billion dollar start up in Nepal. My idea will disrupt the wholly economy starting in Nepal.