Diverging then converging

Tue, Oct 24, 2017

On Life/Success

Finally I’ve figured out the steps to take for me to get started with my companies. It has been and had to be a fantastic wild ride into the realm of seemingly impossible visualisations. About 2 months were spent in toys divergent exercise. Every possibilities were considered : good or bad. Most people would go mad if they followed my way. But now I’m done : having scourged the universe practically saying.

Now the process to build my companies is really simple. That is the stage of converging.

Now i know the road ahead. There’ll be obstacles no doubt . There’ll be changes no doubt. There’ll be disappointments no doubts. But now i know what to do.

My idea is too big, too vague , to complex , too untimely, too uncontextual. I have no qualifications to fulfil my vision. I am even not willing to put my house on the line for this idea. Yet for the first time in my 43 years is life i have a vision for a business idea that i can get passionate about, that attracts me enough to work hard day and night on it.

I couldn’t have thought of anything smaller , simple. It would have been too boring for me.

Every entrepreneur is born to fill one particular gap in the history of civilisation. I’m lucky i found my part , my role at the right time of my life.

43 ? Many would say it is late but prior to today my energy was used in the exploration and completion of two major karma of my existence. It took 80 percent of my being. Now these 80 percent is free. I’m going to allocate these to my entrepreneurship. That will create real sparkles for what and how much I’ve achieved in my 2 karmas is infinite.