Delusion in career

Sat, Jul 13, 2019

On Life/Success

in terms of career i had many delusions.

upto 16 i thought i would an engineer carrying a breifcase with top secret maps and travel around the world sojourning at airports.

Uptil 23 years old i really thought i would be an engineer.

until I was 44, i really thought i would be a billionaire entrepreneur.

at 45 it all came down crashing: i am not going to be a billionaire or even a millionaire because i can’t stand the life that they demand.

This year was not hard in terms of career. All I can think is that i will become a brand of knowledge or wisdom. It makes most sense.

I don’t know.

Last day in swimming i saw a new career path. it will add to my routine only.

  1. daily videos
  2. weekly book review

now add

3. weekly workshop at a restaurant nearby for 2 hours

4. monthly one day retreat

5. yearly workshop in a foreign country

I even go the idea of the payment mode:

eat as you like in the restaurant: I take no commission from them

donate fees as much as you want anonymously or with your name written in the provided envelope. Part of the amount raised will be given to charity but for now kept in a reserve fund.

I would hire a training company to do to the logistical and administrative work.

But again this might be another delusion.

However god will come up with something. He always did. so I am not worried.