Crossroad of life

Wed, May 22, 2019

On Life/Success

I am again at a new crossroad in my life. Believe it or not but I have a very short fate line that breaks at around 42. It doesn’t mean I am unlucky but that my official career is short. I achieved a lot in a short time. Also it means that there are many options, many paths for me. Anyways I am still studying on palmistry. So lets see.

For now, this crossroad is unique.

Today as i was giving training, I needed to speak loud and as I did I felt a stretch in my vocal chord. I have had laryngitis over half a dozen times. But this time I felt that may be more of training and speaking is not really what i wanted.

Then as i read today I had the thought that now may be I am going to be a something more like a philosopher who will be followed by other trainers.

But how would i get paid, is an important matter especially in a country like Nepal.

But on one hand I seek to work a lot and earn a lot. On the other hand I seek a total leisurely laid back life and earn doing nothing. the truce is obvious. I like to work hard sporadically and the best way to earn a lot is to do have to less and less. This is exactly how my life is unfolding currently.

I have never consciously chosen my career paths. Most of the opportunities I never knew existed before I took them. All I knew is that i wanted to be useful to some people who had enough money to pay be so that i could become rich. that happened. now what after becoming rich. I cannot just die.

I guess now all i want is inspire people and get paid for it somehow. The extra money i don’t need will pile up and eventually my son or wife will run a PE or VC firm. there is no rush and no shame on this.

Such in my crossroad in life now.