Counseling myself

Fri, Apr 3, 2020

On Life/Success

Bad news have a negative effect in all and me too. With the corona virus, it is bad news after bad news. may be it why i am so sad.

I had a dream, no a plan. To spend the coming 5 years in nepal and then travel around the world, to explore the different places on earth with my wife by sharing my knowledge. But i don’t think it will materialize now, not that there was a great chance before also.

I sound so pessimistic as i write these words.

And i am one who is so well off, no liabilities, no lay offs to make, not even required to make any sacrifices or needing to wait to be fired.

I wish this event didn’t happen but it is a karma. at 7 billion population with a world GDP of 80 trillion dollars at the growth rate of 3 to 4 %, it had to stop somewhere, sometime, somehow. the exponential had to be punctured.

That is my understanding. As if I am responsible. No i am not. Those who lived their lives irresponsibly by impacting the world environment will suffer the most. But is it true? Most likely their money will keep their lives the same.

But again, no again’s. The world will live. It will adjust.