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Sun, Jun 30, 2019

On Life/Success

After a crazily busy week I am back at my luxurious lifestlye. I realized then at my work how lucky I was that I had made it at such a young age to find peace.

I could spend my whole day without paid work and then still I would be fulfilled and relaxed. I have managed to put meaning to every minute of the day and week. There were a few loose ends but then I figured them out and will incorporate with them in my routine.

I have turned my private study into a new style and it is cool, adding to my luxury without any added cost.

Not that in that trip i didn’t experience luxury. It seems that wherever i go, and whatever I do I manage to turn it into a luxury trip. I guess it is an attitude and a habit. Only there I had to work really hard. I had not worked that hard since a long long time for continuous 5 days. But i didn’t get that tired.