Aspiring writer

Tue, Jun 4, 2019

On Life/Success

At times I wonder: only if i would be paid for my writings! Isn’t it just amazing! I have written almost 300 pages of book and I got not a single cent.

I feel sad at times. What would be full time job for anyone, I get nothing. Yet I can’t stop, mainly because it is just less than one hour’s work for me and to me writing my thoughts is exercise. I don’t expect to be paid to work out. then speaking on video is a training of a skill i didn’t master.

It is incredible that the world would pay huge fortunes for jokes, fantasies but not a dime for my philosophy. Yes that angers me, but what is the point?

so I keep writing. it has now been about 1.25 years .

may be one day I will become as rich as Harry Potter’s writer.